Car rental terms and information

All prices on webpage are VAT inclusive.

Cars can be rented by persons of at least 21 years of age and at least 1 year of driving experience.

Upon renting, the hirer shall present his or her driving licence and an identification document (passport or ID card). The hirer confirms that the driving licence presented is valid and the driving privilege has not been suspended. The same conditions apply for the additional drivers. Noobel Auto OÜ shall keep copies of the documents.

Only persons specified in the rental agreement of the vehicle have the right to drive the rented vehicle. It is forbidden to assign the right to drive to persons not specified in the rental agreement of the vehicle.

When making reservation on the website, you must select the appropriate vehicle, fill in the necessary fields, read the rental terms and conditions of Noobel Auto OÜ and click on the button MAKE A RESERVATION. A Rental Consultant of Noobel auto OÜ will contact you and forward the invoice at the earliest opportunity, but not later than within 24 hours. The reservation is confirmed after the payment of the invoice.

If you wish to rent within a shorter period of time, please contact us on +372 586 00 883.

2=3 weekend offer! Rent and pick up car on Friday from 12 PM and return on Monday before 12 PM. You only pay for two days!

For payment, you must pay the amount on the invoice sent by Noobel Auto OÜ by the payment deadline specified on the invoice. Payments can also be made upon the handover of the car with a bank card or in cash (upon agreement).

When renting a vehicle, the hirer shall pay a deposit of EUR 200 minimum. The deposit is reserved with a pre-authorisation transaction from the hirer’s credit card or debit card with credit card’s functions. The deposit is returned within 1 to 10 days after the return of the vehicle by the hirer, unless the rental company has any complaints. The company reserves the right to ask for a larger of deposit in special cases.

The rental car shall be handed over to the hirer with a full tank, having been washed, and the vehicle is in good technical condition. If car is brought back unwashed, you must pay 50€. Missing fuel price is 2.8 € per liter. Upon the receipt of the vehicle, we suggest inspecting it thoroughly and requesting the inclusion of any damages (including scratches) to the rental agreement; otherwise you may be held responsible for damages that existed on the vehicle before you rented it.

Damage administration in case of traffic accident 20€ per time.
In case of traffic accident you must pay full price for the days the vehicle is in auto repairs.
It is prohibited to start another car with the rental car.

The hirer’s deductibles in case of an accident are EUR 400 and in case of theft, 20% of the cost of the vehicle. Double amounts of deductibles apply in case of a provisional driving licence.

Deduction of own liability to 100 euros (SLDW) – 15€ / day.
Deduction of own liability to 0 euros (SPOM) – from 22€/ day.


The limitation to distances travelled for automobiles is 300 km per day, but not more than 4000 km per month. The limitation to distances travelled for small buses is 400 km per day, but not more than 6000 km per month.
An additional fee of EUR 0.13 per km is implemented upon exceeding the limits.

The vehicles of Noobel Auto OÜ may be used in Estonia and with the lessor’s written consent in Europe, excluding the CIS, Ukraine, Moldova and Russia.

Delivery and return of vehicles within the City of Tallinn – EUR 15. Free of charge within Tallinn City Centre from Mon-Fri 9 AM to 5 PM!
Delivery or return of vehicle, Riga (Latvia) 240 €.
Delivery or return of vehicle, Vilnius (Lithuania) 430 €.

Transfer is a specific type of chauffeur-driven car rental, i.e. drive from point A to point B, for instance, from Tallinn Airport to a hotel, from a hotel to a meeting, etc. We are open to any suggestions.

Cars available for transfers include passenger cars, SUV’s, luxury cars and minibuses from the following selection:

Audi A5 Sportpack S-line (max 3 passengers)
Cadillac Escalade 4×4 (max 5 passengers)
Honda CR-V 4×4 (max 3 passengers)
Mercedes-Benz Viano (max 7 passengers)
Lexus GS 450h (max 3 passangers)

Ask for an offer for transfer HERE

Fines received during the rental period shall be claimed for, also posteriori. Fines of which the lessor was not informed of shall be claimed for in double.

It is forbidden to smoke and consume alcohol in a rental car. A fine of EUR 200 is implemented upon the infringement of this rule.

If your driving licence has been issued outside of the European Union, then you may need an international driving licence to drive a motor vehicle in Estonia, in addition to your national licence. If you are unsure of whether your driving licence is valid in Estonia or not, then we suggest to inform us of this when making a reservation for a vehicle to avoid possible future confusion. If your national driving licence is not valid in Estonia and you do not have an international licence then unfortunately we cannot rent the vehicle to you.

All rental cars have GPS/GSM car security device.

Noobel Auto OÜ has the right to refuse renting a vehicle.

These conditions and the general rental terms and conditions apply to hirers.

Check out the general terms and conditions of the lease HERE